Withdrawal Information


Withdrawal Information

If after registering for classes, the student decides to withdraw from a course or leave the university, he/she must contact the Dean's Office of his/her major college. Once all the proper withdrawal procedures have been followed (see University Withdrawal Procedures open in new window), the Office of the Bursar will make any appropriate adjustments to the student's financial account.

View the withdrawal schedule for reduction of charges for Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Merely ceasing to attend classes does NOT cancel enrollment or qualify the student for a reduction of course charges.

Please review your course catalog for the complete withdrawal refund policy:

Students receiving financial aid AND withdrawing may be required to repay a portion of their awards. The exact amount to be repaid to financial aid accounts will be determined by the amount of aid received, the educational costs incurred, and the length of time attended during the semester. Tuition and course charges will be reduced accordingly.