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Past Due Accounts | Holds

If a student continues to have a balance remaining after the mid-term of the term the charges were due, a hold will be placed on the account prohibiting the student from registering for classes and obtaining official transcripts until his/her balance is paid in full. Late payment fees will continue to accrue on the unpaid account balance.

An email or letter is sent to the student each month if the balance remains unpaid. This document explains the actions to be taken and the timeframe in which this action needs to be done.

Never ignore an attempt to contact you. Making an appointment with an account counselor as soon as this letter has been received will allow for more options and even the possibility of some financial assistance to resolve your account debt. To delay such action could mean the loss of financial aid for which you may have been eligible.

You, as the student (if you are above 18 years of age), not your parents or guardian, are legally responsible for the payment of your student account. The actions you take regarding the notices you receive can have a major impact on your future credit and could include the following:

  • Reporting the debt to credit bureaus
  • Listing the account with the State Comptroller’s Offset Program
  • Remanding the account to a collection agency
  • Litigation