Advisor Resources

Advisors play an integral role in the success of students on the Northern Illinois University Campus.  The purpose of this section is to provide advisors with information that enable them to grow professionally as they continue to work with students.  The following links and information will provide you the opportunity to learn about professional organizations committed to promoting quality advising, research on advising trends, and development of academic advisors.

“Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience.”
-Light, Richard. (2001). Making the Most of College

“Academic advising, well developed and appropriately accessed, is perhaps the only structured campus endeavor that can guarantee students sustained interaction with a caring and concerned adult who can help them shape a meaningful learning experience for themselves.”
-Hunter, Mary Stuart and White, Eric R. (2004) About Campus/March-April 2004, p.20

“Effective retention programs have come to understand that academic advising is at the very core of successful institutional efforts to educate and retain students."
-Tinto, Vincent. (1993) Leaving College: Rethinking the Causes and Cures