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Large Group Tour Visit Request

Please note that priority is reserved for high school-age students and older. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Requested tour date:* (sample: 00/00/0000)
School or organization:*
Name of group:*
Academic levels:* (Check all that apply)
9th grade
10th grade
11th grade
12th grade
Number of students:*
Number of chaperones:*

We recommend one chaperone for every 10 students.

Arrival time:*
Departure time:*
Special assistance needs:

Campus Visit Activities

Campus walking tour:
Yes   No
Time: 75 Minutes
Campus walking tours will be given regardless of weather. Guests are asked to dress appropriately. Campus tours are student led, and groups can be split up based upon the size of the group. Please, no more than 50 guests for this type of tour.
Campus Bus Tour + Residence Hall Tour:
Yes   No
Time: 60 Minutes
The Office of Admissions has the ability to show group visitors a residence hall room located on campus. Only high school and above will be shown a Residence Hall. Residence Halls will only be shown to walking tours of fewer than 45 students. This tour includes a discussion about living on campus, a showing of a residence hall room and community space, and a discussion about campus dining.
Campus Bus Tour:
Yes   No
Time: 40 Minutes
Campus Bus tours will be approximately 40 minutes and will show academic buildings, residences halls, sports facilities, and student resource centers.  
Scavenger Hunt Tour:
Yes   No
Time: 75 Minutes
Take a chaperone-guided walking tour of campus with our Scavenger Hunt maps! This tour includes a residence hall portion, led by one of our Northern Ambassadors.

Please choose 0-4 presentations for fall or spring requests and 0-3 presentations for summer requests.

Learn about the freshman/transfer admissions processes at NIU.

Get your financial aid questions answered and discover the many different ways to pay for college: scholarships, grants, loans, FAFSA.

The CHANCE program works for the success of those students whose pre-college education has not fully enabled them to take maximum advantage of their potential and the opportunities of higher education at NIU. Learn about admission to NIU through the CHANCE program.

Learn about NIUs Latino diversity centers, which are designed to serve the Latina/o student population. In this presentation, students have the opportunity to learn about the center's mentoring programs, leadership programs, peer support groups, and academic advancement programs.

The Center for Black Studies is a resource center as well as an interdisciplinary academic program at NIU. Learn about the center in this presentation and all it has to offer NIU's student body.

Learn about the accommodations available for student success at NIU.

The University Honors program at NIU provides an enriched educational experience for students of high intellectual potential who are committed to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Learn about all of the exciting ways to get involved on campus! Examples include Fraternity and Sorority Life, Community Service programs, Student Organizations, Student Government, and more.

Have all of your questions about being a student at NIU answered during a Q&A with current NIU students!

Lunch:* Purchase lunch in Neptune Dining (budget $7.95 per person)**
Purchase lunch in Blackhawk Dining (budget $5-$8)**
Purchase lunch from Subway and/or Huskie Hub
Bring your own sack lunches to eat on campus
Lunch independently off campus
No lunch period necessary
** For lunch in Neptune Dining the cost is $7.95 per person and can be paid by check or cash for the total amount of the group. Neptune does not accept individual payment. Check can be made out to either NIU or Northern Illinois University.
For lunch vouchers for Blackhawk Dining please contact HSC Accounting Office at 815-753-1427.

Chaperone / Contact Person Information

First name:*
Last name:*
Job title:
Address 1:*
Address 2:
ZIP Code:*
Home/office phone:*
Best time to contact:*
Cell phone for visit day:*
Fax number:
E-mail address:*

Providing excellent customer service and visitor relations is a mission of the Office of Admissions and the Northern Ambassadors. We strive to provide a custom visit for each group, and we will work with you to make sure your visit to campus is a memorable one.
We ask that you please read and agree to the terms below in order to submit your request:

  • The more notice that the Office of Admissions has to plan your visit, the more likely that events/activities will be possible. We ask for at least three weeks' notice for group visits.
  • Sponsors must actively engage in sessions and supervise students at all times.
  • Notify the Office of Admissions if you need to cancel, modify, or will be late for your campus visit. We ask for 72 hours' notice to cancel your visit (excluding weather related/unavoidable issues.)
  • The lead chaperone will have a cell phone available during the visit, and has provided that number to the Office of Admissions.
  • The lead chaperone will express the following "student guidelines" to students:
    • Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner towards each other, Northern Illinois University staff and students, and University property.
    • Visitors will use a voice level that is appropriate while inside campus buildings.
    • Visitors will not leave the group or chaperone at any time during the visit.
    • Visitors will not use electronic devices during tours, presentations, or sessions.
    • Visitors / Groups that are deemed unruly or unmanageable by Northern Illinois University staff will be asked to change their behavior. If the visitor/group continues to be unruly or unmanageable, the presentation, tour, or entire visit will end.

* I have read, understand, and agree to the terms listed above. Further, I will inform fellow chaperones of these terms, and express the above "student guidelines" to the student visitors.

* I understand that Northern Illinois University requests this information for the purpose of mailing, emailing, and calling you with information and to create a record of your interest. No persons outside the university are provided this information.

* I understand this is a requested tour date and an actual visit date will be scheduled with a staff member in the Office of Admissions based on available space.

After you click "Submit," please print the confirmation page and bring it with you to the program.

More Information

Group Visit Overview

Please contact us at 
(815) 753-0209 with any additional questions.

Office of Admissions
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