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Transfer Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions for Transfer Students

1. What are NIU’s admission requirements? Do I have to earn an associate in art (AA) or associate in science (AS)?

2. 2. How will my courses transfer to NIU?

3. What is the maximum number of hours that can be transferred?

4. How many hours of credit are required for graduation from NIU?

5. When should I apply for admission?

6. When can I visit the campus?

7. How do I apply for financial aid or a scholarship?

8. What majors are available?

9. How do I apply for housing? Do I have to live in an NIU residence hall?

10. How much is tuition?

11. What kind of career planning services are offered to prepare students for life after graduation?

12. How can I get a catalog or class schedule?

13. Does NIU offer health care and medical insurance for students?

14. Can I bring a car to campus?

15. How do I find out what courses I should register for?

16. What are the residency requirements to qualify for in-state tuition?

17. Do I need to confirm my intent to attend NIU as a new transfer student?

18. What is the relationship of ACT scores and high school rank to graduation rates?