Transfer Admissions

Limited Retention Programs

College of Business

The College of Business has limited retention.

To assure students’ continuing competence, some majors, emphases, and areas of study have limited retention policies, and students who want to continue their enrollment in them must fulfill certain criteria.

These include, but are not limited to, maintaining a designated cumulative and/or major GPA, earning a certain grade in certain courses, successful performance on a standardized performance measure, a portfolio review of a student’s past performance, and successful completion of clinical requirements.

Students interested in these majors, emphases, or areas of study and those already admitted to them should consult department and college program requirements listed in the individual college and department sections of this catalog. Students are also strongly encouraged to consult with an adviser to assure they continue to qualify for retention in their chosen major, emphasis, or area of study.

Prospective applicants to NIU interested in College of Business majors are encouraged to read and review the information found on the College of Business Advising website

See College of Business and other individual colleges and departments and the Limited Retention Programs information in the Undergraduate Catalog.