Self-Reported Academic Records

New at Northern Illinois University

How-To Use Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)

NIU utilizes a tool that allows freshman applying for admission, the opportunity to self-report transcripts and standardized test score information. Students are able to self-report their information by logging into their MyNIU account.  While participation in this initiative is currently optional, we ask that you encourage your students to participate.

Colleges and universities that have implemented self-reporting have found significant improvement in providing timely decisions to applicants and gaining a better understanding of students' academic backgrounds and their impacts on student success. 

When we receive a student’s SRAR, we will review their application and get a decision out to them as quickly as possible (usually within one week).

All offers of admission are conditional. Students using SRAR and choosing to enroll at NIU will be required to request that their high school submit an official transcript including all courses, final grades, and confirmation of graduation on or before July 15. The official transcript must match the SRAR.

Information for students can be found by clicking here: Student Self-Reported Academic Records.

Thank you for encouraging your students to use this new process. 

Go Huskies!